Forest Jahnke, Program Coordinator

Forest keeps busy on a wide range of projects involving grassroots networking and cross-organizational coordination, research and education, public speaking and community organizing, and more.
Forest was born in a barn and grew up on Dancing Waters Permaculture Cooperative at the headwaters of the West Fork of Knapps Creek, tromping around in the hills and bluffs of the Driftless. After graduating from North Crawford High School, right here in Crawford County, he went on to Eckerd College in Florida where he graduated with a degree in Communications, minoring in International Studies and Global Affairs, and Spanish. He has traveled through 26 countries on three continents, rounding out his education and helping him appreciate our special region for what it is.

Forest has a passion for the beauty of this area, and is dedicated to helping folks engage to protect the values and rights of our communities and ecosystems.

(608) 632-2183

Eli Mandel, Community Engagement Coordinator

Eli was born and raised in Crawford County. Growing up in the hills and valleys of the Driftless Area seeded in him a deep connection with the land. Working on organic farms from a young age taught him a hard work and conservation ethic, which he built upon while attending UW Madison. After double majoring in Environmental Studies and Political Science, Eli continued to work in the organic agriculture industry and travelling has set roots back in the community he grew up in. With worldly, academic, and practical experiences his dynamism, empowerment, and engagement will enhance CSP’s mission, vision, and goals. Moving back to his home area was a conscious choice to engage with and give back to the wonderful people and land of SW Wisconsin. He believes strongly in an open and free democratic process, the need for local control over decision-making and natural resources, as well as the utmost importance of protecting the beauty and resources of our ecosystems; especially our right to clean water, air, and soil.

(608) 632-4213 

Omarú Heras Ornelas, Water Quality Monitoring Program Coordinator

Omarú studied Biology/Biochemistry in Life and Earth Sciences, earning a bachelor of sciences at the University of Reunion Island (France).  She is experienced in water catchment, management, and monitoring, as well as being a certified acupuncturist. She has been passionately working for many years with several environmental organizations, rural-indigenous communities and schools in Mexico, in order to raise the awareness, justice, care and love for nature, water and soil.

She enjoys clean water, organic food, clean air, a clear sky, the sunny days, a beautiful rain, to walk in the forest, to be surrounded by wild nature, a conscious mind and living in a sustainable intentional community.

(608) 632-7021