Board of Directors

Edie Ehlert
Freeman Township

Edie Ehlert was one of the founders of Crawford Stewardship Project in 2007, and a co-coordinator from January 2009 until retiring in 2013. She continues as CSP President, appreciating working with the other board members and staff. She brings organizing and advocacy experience, working with groups and coalitions around the state, including Sustain Rural Wisconsin Network as well as on frack sand mining issues. Building coalitions and connections continues as a focus. Outdoor play, such as kayaking, skiing, and hiking are the joyful reminders of why we all do environmental justice work. She is inspired by the commitment of so many of us working for a just and healthy planet.



Ellen Brooks
Vice President
Haney Township

Ellen has been with CSP since the beginning. In addition to attending the county Land Conservation Committee meetings as CSP rep each month, she enjoys organizing refreshments for events and helps with CSP editing and other volunteer jobs. A 1970 graduate of Macalester College (St. Paul, MN), Ellen and her life partner try to live as simply as they can to minimize their effect on the environment and keep their income below taxable level (to avoid paying for war). Annual trips to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness augment time spent outdoors closer to home, engaged in gardening, water monitoring, apple picking, chopping wood, and hauling water.  She also loves to cook, bake, visit friends, and usher at American Players Theatre performances.



Lamar Janes
Clayton Township

Lamar has been with CSP from the beginning. He has a BS in Biology from Stanford and did graduate study in aquatic ecology at UW-Madison. He worked for the Wisconsin and Arkansas DNRs in water quality. He has been involved in a variety of cooperatives and grassroots nonprofits for 50 years and has been a bookkeeper for many of them. He lives at Dancing Waters Permaculture Cooperative, an intentional community near Gays Mills and enjoys gardening, meditation and fixing things.

Harriet Behar
Board Member
Clayton Township

During the 40 years Harriet and her husband, Aaron, have owned their home and land, they have implemented a wide variety of conservation practices, from installation of solar energy systems, to planting trees and native prairie, stream bank and trout habitat improvement and many activities to protect soil and water quality on their certified organic property.  They have learned to manage their agricultural and nonagricultural lands in a way that also enriches the environment for diverse species of birds, mammals, reptiles, fish, insects and plants that are native to our unique area.  They raise honeybees, chickens, grains, forages and vegetables as well as culinary and medicinal herbs.  Harriet has been active in a variety of advocacy and conservation groups, and served on the Crawford County Land Conservation Committee for more than 8 years.  Aaron and Harriet were given the Crawford County Conservation Farm Family of the Year award in 2021. 


Roger Reynolds
Board Member
Spring Green, WI

Roger has always enjoyed nature from gardening to kayaking, and has been volunteering to help preserve and protect nature most of his adult life, plus educate others. Removing invasive plants and invasive aquatic species; teaching sustainable gardening with an emphasis on mulch and low to no synthetic chemical practices, plus permaculture and edible landscaping; eating wild plants (foraging); watching local birds; plus standing up for best environmental practices by companies are some of the areas where he has volunteered through hands in the dirt or water, public speaking, and organizing.  He met Edie and CSP while working together to protect the environment and community regarding the local frac sand mine.  Some of the skills he brings to the board include public speaking, organizing events, creative big picture and minute detail problem solving, researching and just a bit of humor.