Grassroots Volunteering

Crawford Stewardship Project’s many  accomplishments and scrappy reputation  can be largely credited to our wonderful volunteers.  Our volunteers are willing to go above and beyond to help our community learn about, understand and value our land, water and air and the threats to our ecosystems and natural resources.  With ever more threats to our natural resources, our region needs us more than ever.  How will you take part?

We offer both episodic and recurring volunteer positions.  All positions available are outlined below. 

If interested please feel free to fill out our Volunteer Interest Survey

You’ll receive a message from our Community Engagement Coordinator who will help you find a volunteering opportunity that best suits you.  

We depend on help from volunteers to make snacks for most of our events.  Have a passion for baking?  It is a great way to plug in for those who prefer background support.
Volunteers also act as our decorators, servers, welcomers, technical support, and many other important roles at our events.   
We also offer opportunities to cover the CSP informational booth at local events.  Boothing would be under supervision of a CSP staff or board member.

Water Quality Monitoring
CSP focuses on monitoring streams of specific concern and also supports landowners or basic interest in monitoring.  We offer trainings every spring.  Monitoring requires an hour each month from May till October and is a great way to help out while getting outside!  

CSP Representatives
Attend local Town, County or other regional as well as state meetings and hearings on behalf of or with CSP.  Lobby elected officials by letter, email and calling campaigns.  Attend lobby days and legislators’ local community meetings.  It is important for empowered citizens to participate in our democratic processes and speak truth to power.  We strive to help you bring your voice forward.   
We also offer opportunities to cover the CSP informational booth at local events.  Boothing would be under supervision of a CSP staff or board member.

Distributing Materials
Distribute our posters and/or literature in your community.  We’ll send them right to your mailbox!

We welcome volunteers to write Letters to the Editor on certain issues, blog posts or articles.  CSP staff will assist in the process if needed.   

Photographers/ Videographers
Take photos or videos at events for our newsletters, social media and press releases.

Fund Raising
Help identify or contact potential large donors to request funding for CSP.  

Research legal issues surrounding CAFOs, sand mines, high capacity wells, and other issues of environmental justice.  Assist with learning about and researching upcoming legislative bills and actions, bringing them to the attentions of CSP and their supporters.
Gather research on various topics through articles, online and community resources, reading materials to support CSP missions and goals.
Participate in our citizen science events, gathering important data on our landscape susceptibilities.