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Pig eating in Viola.

Join us for a Water Rangers training from Socially Responsible Agricultural Project (SRAP) on April 22nd. SRAP is a national grassroots organization that educates the public about the devastating effects of concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), while working directly with the communities most heavily impacted by these animal factories. Scott Dye and Lynn Henning of SRAP will be showing us how to use various tools to monitor water while also teaching us the importance of water monitoring.


These workshops will equip you to become a part of Crawford Stewardship Project’s and Valley Stewardship Network’s water quality teams as part of the Wisconsin Water Action Volunteers program. We encourage landowners and community members to learn more about the water in our unique cold water spring, stream and river ecosystems that support trout and other fish and wildlife. You’ll receive training and all the equipment you’ll need free of charge. Water and habitat quality assessments only take about an hour each month – on your own schedule – and your citizen-based data becomes a key tool in our work to protect our area watersheds. Participants can attend one session to complete the training.