Progress Bars

[title] Default [/title]

[progress type=”default” color=”default” progress=”60″]

[progress type=”default” color=”success” progress=”40″]

[progress type=”default” color=”info” progress=”20″]

[progress type=”default” color=”warning” progress=”60″]

[progress type=”default” color=”danger” progress=”80″]

[spacer size=”normal”]

[title] Striped [/title]

[progress type=”striped” color=”default” progress=”60″]

[progress type=”striped” color=”success” progress=”40″]

[progress type=”striped” color=”info” progress=”20″]

[progress type=”striped” color=”warning” progress=”60″]

[progress type=”striped” color=”danger” progress=”80″]

[spacer size=”normal”]

[title] Animated [/title]

[progress type=”animated” color=”default” progress=”60″]

[progress type=”animated” color=”success” progress=”40″]

[progress type=”animated” color=”info” progress=”20″]

[progress type=”animated” color=”warning” progress=”60″]

[progress type=”animated” color=”danger” progress=”80″]

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